Arvo enters it's first tournament and wins - all for a good cause

Arvo enters it's first tournament and wins - all for a good cause

This past weekend was one for the books as Team Arvo participated in the much-anticipated Sam's Summer Slam hosted by Sam McCathren, an event dedicated to supporting Explore Austin and the disadvantaged youth of our community. Held on a blazing hot summer day, the tournament not only tested our skills and endurance but also highlighted our commitment to giving back to the city that took us in.



Team Arvo, Featuring Local Legends

Led by our very own pickleball aficionados, Jack Laudani and Randy Shepherd, Team Arvo showcased an unbeatable combination of skill, teamwork, and sheer determination. From the initial serve to the final point, Jack and Randy played with a synergy that left the crowd in awe and their competitors striving to keep up.



A Day of Sportsmanship and Support

Sam's Summer Slam is more than just a tournament; it's a cornerstone event that brings the community together to support a noble cause. By participating, we aimed not only to compete but also to contribute to Explore Austin's mission of providing incredible outdoor learning experiences to disadvantaged kids in the Austin area. This organization does remarkable work, and we are proud to support their initiatives.



Victory in the Face of Adversity

As the day progressed, the heat of the Austin sun became a formidable opponent in its own right. However, the high temperatures did not deter Team Arvo. Fueled by the cheers of supporters and the spirit of the cause, Jack and Randy pushed through, game after game, to ultimately clinch the championship. Their victory was not just a win for Team Arvo but a triumph for community spirit and charitable engagement.



A Successful Outing for Team Arvo

Winning at Sam's Summer Slam was a monumental achievement for Team Arvo, but the true success of the day was measured by the smiles we helped put on faces and the funds raised for a fantastic cause. We left the courts with not only a trophy but also with hearts full of joy, knowing we had made a significant impact.



Looking Forward

Inspired by this victory and the opportunity to contribute to such a meaningful cause, Team Arvo is more motivated than ever. We are already looking forward to next year's tournament, future events, and continuing our support for Explore Austin and the wonderful work they do.


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