Arvo is proud to collaborate with the local Austin social performance club Kollective on a series of exclusive, limited-edition pickleball paddles and accessories.

Become Elite.

An Elite Collaboration

Kollective - a unique social performance club in Austin, Texas, where the founders Jeremy Hill and Devon Low have reimagined the intersection of performance and community for modern professionals and athletes. Then enters Arvo - Austin's newly founded leisure & lifestyle brand leading the way in pickleball gear and apparel.

Kollective teamed up with Arvo to design a limited-edition, premium pickleball paddle that truly embodies what the athletic club stands for: high performance, custom built, and of course, elite. Boasting an indoor, state of the art pickleball court, Kollective side by side with Arvo is the perfect partnership to usher in a new generation of experiences and products for their members and the public alike.

With Kollective's upcoming Elite Week hosting key NFL players and sponsored by Arvo in the coming weeks, we'll be showcasing these new limited-edition Elite paddles in full use.

Stay tuned for more.


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