Arvo is proud to announce our collaboration with Gerardo Rodriguez, the creator of MONSTERS for an exclusive, limited drop pickleball paddle


"Monstrous" pickleball paddle

From the mind of Gerardo Rodriguez, this limited edition Monsters paddle will bring out your monstrous side and strike fear in any opponent, or friend.

"Skull Head of Big Bend"

"This design was inspired by my love for nature, especially the desert and West Texas. My hope is that through the art-- and the added twist of the monsters!-- others feel the call to explore, play in, and be inspired by the wonders of the natural world around us."

Gerardo Rodriguez

about the artist

gerardo rodriguez

Gerardo Rodríguez was born and raised in Puerto Rico and came to the States for college to study film and graphic design. Prior to monster art he worked in photography and video editing, helping his team earn two Emmy awards for a tv show and a documentary. It wasn't until he arrived in Austin that Gerardo began drawing monsters and painting more seriously, committing to his art full time… and the #MonstersinAustin movement began! Known for bold colors, clean lines, and trippy landscapes, Gerardo’s art ranges from big, friendly faces to weird and intriguing shapes and characters. His usual mediums include acrylic paint and paint markers on canvas, wood panels, or found objects from thrift stores, but he has also enjoyed monsterizing walls, photos, and beer can labels. He finds inspiration in nature, his graphic design background, childhood drawings, the storytelling of film, road trip adventures with his partner Carly, and from his late dog Titus. Gerardo Marvel and Star Wars, a good local brew (coffee or beer!), dogs, desert landscapes, and Christmas time. His studio, Local Monsters, opened in January 2023 on Austin’s artsy east side.

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